In the spirit of celebrating the return of the beloved classic show, we’re taking a look back at the most notable moments in the ’70 and ’60’s and exploring why they’re still great.

We’re also revisiting a few of the classic episodes and characters from the show’s earliest years and exploring what it’s like to sit and watch them in their full glory.

Read on for a rundown of the highlights from this past week.

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“The Simpsons” is the story of the family patriarch who, upon his father’s death, decides to try and keep the family’s home in Springfield intact, even while being pressured by his older brother to move into the family farm.

The Simpsons’ return is not without its bumps: The series has a notoriously bad reputation for the quality of its animated programming, so it’s no surprise that the series struggled with its first season.

The show was re-created with a fresh, fresh look and a brand-new cast in 2002, but it didn’t live up to the legacy the original “The Simpsons,” which is known for its wacky humor and its signature signature Simpsons catchphrase: “That’s so much cooler than what I just saw!”

But that doesn’t mean the show couldn’t have been more memorable.

The “Simpsons” was a cult hit for its time and remains a classic for many viewers.

In addition to being an instant classic, “The Homer Show” also served as a great jumping off point for future generations of fans.

The animated series also became the first television show to be renewed for a third season in 2004.

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