There’s no doubt the iconic attractions of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disneyland and Walt Disney World have captured the imagination of Australians for decades.

But now the question is which of these theme parks are the best and which are the most popular?

According to a new survey conducted by the Australian Institute of Tourism, Australia’s top four amusement parks were ranked as: cedar park, roller coaster, water park and water ride.

While water park was voted the best attraction by nearly 70 per cent of Australians, the other four were judged to be equally good.

The top attraction was the amusement park at Cedar Park in Melbourne’s west, with more than 80 per cent voting it the most memorable.

But it was the water park at Walt Disney’s theme park in Florida that made the top 10, ahead of the amusement coaster at Disneyland in California.

“While the majority of Australian adults are not familiar with water parks, it is a popular attraction across Australia,” said Dr Chris Pemberton from the Australian Museum.

“Cedar Park is a favourite among many families in Australia and is a highly popular attraction for visitors.”

Water park is a great attraction for young children and adults, and is also an easy one to learn.

“We think this is a good choice as it provides the best entertainment for families and guests alike.”

The research also found Australians were happy with their water park experiences, with 70 per on average saying they enjoyed the experience.

The survey also found Australian visitors spent more than $10 million a year on water rides.


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