A Disney park is closing as a result of a severe storm that hit the Texas Panhandle earlier this month.

The Anaheim theme park closed on Saturday morning as a precautionary measure after officials warned it would have to close to 60 percent of its capacity by mid-April if the storm continued to worsen, the Anaheim Police Department said in a statement.CEDAR, which opened its doors in 1986 and is home to over 2.5 million people, closed Friday due to severe flooding, according to the Anaheim Parks & Resorts website.

It reopened on Saturday after two days of reopening.

Disney officials said that in the past few weeks, they have been forced to reopen the parks for more than 2,000 guests who stayed at resorts in the region, including Anaheim.

The park reopened at 5 p.m.

Saturday, but some guests were still allowed to return home at 3 a.m., officials said.

Officials urged guests to keep the weather in mind while they visit the parks.

“If you have guests who are staying at CEDORas resort, we strongly recommend that you make arrangements to have them stay at home,” the statement read.

The parks website said the closure is affecting thousands of visitors.

Many were expected to head to the resorts and other attractions on the resort circuit to catch a break from the weather.

The city of Anaheim has shut down its parks and hotels to accommodate people and families who need to leave, officials said in an email to the Orlando Sentinel.

Anaheim Mayor Teresa Jacobs and Anaheim Police Chief John Fotiore said the city will reopen by Wednesday, and that it will be open to the public for the rest of the month.

Officials in Anaheim and San Antonio were among those who urged people to stay home.

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