I have been fortunate enough to visit a number of amusement parks in Montreal over the past two years.

From the top of the Mondeau Canal to the Moselle River, each one offers an experience I can only describe as spectacular.

However, there is one that has become my favourite: Montréal’s Montréaltown amusement park.

While I love the many different rides that Montréatians can experience, the most memorable of which are the Big Blue and the Big Thunder, there are a few things that I have found that I would like to see more of: more rides on the Thunder River, a ride in the Magic Kingdom, and the new Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

I have also enjoyed watching the Giant, the Big Big, and Big Blue rollercoasters at the Magic Castle.

All of these rides are wonderful and are a great way to get away from it all.

However it is the Big Bad Wolf that I feel the most passionate about.

The Big Bad Wolves have become my favorite ride and I would love to see them expand and expand to new locations in the park.

I would also love to have them open up their rides at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

As I am a huge fan of the park, I would definitely like to explore the gardens as well.

I believe that Montreal is a city that has so many amazing things to offer, so it is great to see the park expand and offer more and more attractions to tourists.

It is a great time to visit Montreal.

This article originally appeared in the August 2014 issue of Australian Financial Press.

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