A nuclear catastrophe, which devastated the Soviet Union and Europe, unleashed a strange, surreal world of the paranormal and the supernatural, with the oddball amusement park and amusement park theme park being among the many things to come.

Now, the Chernoyas amusement parks have gone viral on the internet thanks to the viral phenomenon of viral memes.

The theme park in Minneapolis, the city’s largest, has become the center of a virtual reality phenomenon called Chernobyls Superpark.

The park opened in 2012 as a tourist attraction, but has since been transformed into a popular attraction for visitors.

It has a total of about 2.2 million visitors a year, and about half of those are children under 12, according to park manager Brian Gage.

He said the park has become a magnet for ghost sightings.

“You see these people coming in, and then all of a sudden they’re running into these ghosts,” Gage said.

“It’s amazing.

They’re not just walking through, they’re disappearing into the park.”

Gage added that a few people have gone as far as to claim to have witnessed the ghosts.

The idea of an amusement park ghost story came to the park’s manager when he was researching for an article for a book he is writing about ghosts and UFOs.

Gage shared his findings with his colleagues and the amusement park became a popular topic on social media.

It even got picked up by the New York Times, which ran a story on Halloween night about ghost sightings at the amusement parks.

Gag said he doesn’t know how many people are watching the ghost story.

“I don’t know, but I think we have about 1,000 people, and they have all come up and said, ‘I saw a ghost at the park.'”

The amusement park has been the subject of an internet sensation, with people sharing their paranormal encounters on the popular social media site Reddit.

Redditors who go to the amusement grounds have also posted videos of their paranormal sightings on YouTube.

A few people who were visiting the amusement area on Halloween have even come up with their own theories about what the park is up to.

One person claimed to have seen the ghost of a woman who had been dead for six years.

Another user claimed that a group of children had gone missing, which would make the park a ghost town.

A third user said he witnessed a large, black figure that appeared to be standing in the park, and another person claimed they saw a giant octopus.

The ghost story may not be real, but the paranormal phenomenon is certainly entertaining.

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