You’ve got a mountain to climb, and you’re looking for the best way to get there.

Here are the basics of getting to the summit of Mount Rushmore, the tallest in the world.


Make sure you have the right gear for the challenge 2.

Know the route to the peak 3.

Know your limits 4.

Know how to balance your body and your brain 5.

Have a plan to go to the bottom of the summit when you’re done 6.

Get some good photos 7.

Take photos of the scenery at the top 8.

Enjoy the scenery 9.

Get the hang of taking pictures of the sunset 10.

Enjoy some of the park’s other activities and attractions 11.

Know where you are and what to expect in the area at the peak 12.

Take pictures of yourself and others with the mountain in your mind 13.

Keep an eye on the weather for good mountain weather 14.

Get to know the people of Gatlinville 17.

Make friends with locals and friends 18.

Have fun on the mountain 19.

Make a day out of the day 20.

Enjoy yourself on the mountaintop 21.

Have your picture taken at the park in a different outfit than what you normally wear!


Get your gear and get ready to take it up the mountain!


Stay hydrated while you climb the mountain 24.

Take some time to explore the park and enjoy the views 25.

Be safe and stay out of harm’s way!

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