The ride at the Daytona amusement parks largest is the largest in North America, so you can expect to see a ton of it, according to its official Twitter account. 

The ride at Daytona, the largest amusement park in North and South America, is pictured, with an electric roller coaster, in Dayton, Ohio, U.S., on Thursday, July 25, 2017.

The ride is named after Dayton Mayor Paul C. Dayton.

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)The Daytona ride is called the Electric Roller Coaster and it’s an electric coaster, with no brakes or safety devices.

It’s the largest coaster in North- and South-America, according a park spokesperson.

Here are the rides in the park:The first coaster in the attraction is the Electric Slide.

This ride starts at a speed of 60 mph.

It ends when you jump off and land on a small, circular platform with no walls.

The coaster also has a few tricks, like dropping people off a cliff.

The second ride in the coaster is the Slide Drop.

This is a rollercoaster ride with a stop sign and a countdown.

It starts with a slow speed and ends with a crash.

The third ride in this ride is the Jump Slide.

You ride down a ramp and slide up a ramp, then slide back down a second ramp and then jump back down the ramp.

The fourth ride in that ride is a Jump Slide, but this ride has no brakes and no safety devices, according the park.

Here’s the ride with safety features, according park spokesman Dan Gorman:Here’s what the park said about the ride’s first ride, according Facebook user Mike McElwee: The park will release more information as it becomes available, but for now, the Electric Stepper has the distinction of being the most popular coaster in Ohio.

The Electric Slide and Slide Drop are currently available at Daytonas parks and will soon be available in Las Vegas and Orlando. 

You can follow the park on Twitter at @DOTPark, @DaytonaAirlines, and @dontshootthepark, and the park’s official Facebook page.

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