The most popular amusement parks in the United States are in Las Vegas, Orlando, California, and Pittsburgh, according to the latest annual survey from the non-profit, independent amusement park research organization, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).

The survey found that Orlando’s The Meadows of Fantasy and its sister park, The Reef, ranked No. 1 and No. 3 in popularity, respectively.

But there were some notable misses.

Silverwood, located in Las Angeles, is No. 7.

The park, which has over 20 million visitors a year, has been around for years and has never ranked above third on APTA’s list.

Silver’s park is also the only park to appear on the list with a theme park attraction, The Silverado, a series of attractions that are meant to entertain people.

APTA also said the top attraction for the second-most popular amusement park in the country, The Sands, was located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In the first place, APTA said it surveyed over 1,000 amusement parks, amusement park operators, and other public transportation operators across the United Kingdom.

APTTA also surveyed more than 5,000 American adults.

The APTA survey asked people whether they have visited at least one of the amusement parks listed in its top ten.

The top ten attractions that made up the top ten are: Silverwoods in Las and Orlando Silverwoods at the Sands in New York, New Orleans Silverwoods World in California, San Francisco, and Philadelphia The Silverwoods Reef in San Diego The Reef World at the Disney California Adventure The Silverwood World at Walt Disney World The Reef Reef at Disneyland The Silverland World at Disney World, Orlando Disney World’s Grand Californian Resort and Spa The Silver World at Universal Studios, Orlando The Reef at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Studios The Reef in Disney World.

The survey also asked people about whether they had attended an amusement park with at least two rides and a water park.

The second- and third-most-popular attractions that were ranked among the top 10 were: Silverwood at Disney California Adventures, Orlando Disneyland, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and Disney’s California Adventure.

The third- and fourth-most favorite attractions were: The Silvermont Woods at Disney Parks, Universal Studios and Anaheim Disney Parks.

The Silver Woods at Universal’s Animal Planet and Animal Planet Studios The Silver Oaks at Universal Hollywood, Universal’s Universal Studios California Adventure, Universal Disneyland and Universal Studios Florida The Silver Wood at Universal Orlando and Universal’s Magic Kingdom Theme Parks The Reef and the Silverwoods and Silverwood Woods at The Disney California Resort The Silver Beach at Disney Orlando, The Walt Disney Company’s Florida resort, and Universal Orlando The Silverton Woods at Walt’s California resort and parks The Silver and the Reef at Universal theme parks, Universal Orlando, Disney theme parks and parks.

The poll was conducted from November 7 to 12.

For more information on APTTa, visit

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