A new app has made it easier for people to travel to Disney parks without leaving their homes, making it easier to get around the theme park.

Dubbed the Disneyland Park Escape app, it lets people explore the park in their own style, with a focus on relaxing and the art of storytelling.

“With the advent of smartphones, Disney Parks have grown so much that it is no longer possible to experience our parks without a VR headset or an immersive computer,” Disney said in a statement.

“We’ve made it easy for people who like to explore Disneyland park with a simple smartphone app to experience the park from anywhere in the world.”

Disney Parks is a world-class destination and we are thrilled to offer our guests this opportunity to explore our parks at their own pace and with their own sense of freedom.

“The app lets you book flights and hotel rooms, as well as visit attractions and meet new friends and family.

You can also use the app to book Disney rides and rides in parks, and access a virtual tour of Disneyland, which is limited to a limited number of locations.

The app also lets you choose from over 50 attractions from Disney’s collection, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, a ride in the Jungle Cruise attraction and a ride at Epcot.

It also allows you to book meals at restaurants and cafes.

To see how it works, check out the video above.

It’s an interesting app that will be useful for anyone who has to spend some time away from home to get the Disneyland experience.

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